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Herbal Consultation

A consultation consists of a 30-minute Zoom session to cover what ails you or your pet's health to get you back on your feet as the best version of yourself. Doesn't include cost of the herbal remedies prescribed. Herbal remedies are priced at lower than competitors. All herbal remedies are handmade by me and use 100% organic ingredients or ethically wild harvested ingredients except for the capsules which are vegan, non-GMO, certified Kosher, certified Halal, and have limited natural ingredients. I put loving and healing intentions into everything I make and charge under the sun or moon.

$45 USD - 30-minute Zoom session using US Pacific Standard Time between 9AM - 7PM but please contact me if you're from a country with a timezone that doesn't fall between 9AM - 7PM US Pacific Standard Time and we will figure something out!

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any claims regarding these services and has not been tested for safety and effectiveness. These services are not to be used as a medical treatment if you are injured or ill. Please seek medical treatment if you are injured or ill from a licensed medical doctor. These treatments are a great complement to traditional medical treatments for yourself.

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