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My Story

M.S. Experimental Psychology, Herbalist, Reiki Master


I started this business after facing my own serious health issues in addition to multiple chemical sensitivity since I was a child. I turned towards naturalpathic medicine as a last resort and wouldn't be here today without plants. I can't use almost all the products on the market today because of the chemicals in them so I created my own and want to share them with others who suffer from being unable to use products with chemicals or people who want to or already have made that change in their life!

The mission of this business is to help people heal with herbs and spiritual practices closely tied to the Earth. I work hard to ensure all ingredients are 100% organic or as close to organic as possible and ethically harvested. Most herbs and other ingredients used in products are purchased from, Frontier Co-op, Simply Organics, or collected in nature until my new all organic gardens are full enough to harvest from. The product containers are either thrifted, purchased from (which is responsibly sourced & made out of natural & recyclable materials), or purchased from Amazon as a last resort if the first two don't carry what is needed. The packaging is reused boxes and packing paper whenever possible (please excuse if there are previous labels or stickers from reusing boxes).

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