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I offer one-on-one life coaching over Zoom/Google Meet or phone call for chemically sensitive people or someone who wants to green up the products they use in their life.

What I offer:

Life coaching from 11 years of personal experience for improving the quality of your life as someone with chemical sensitivity. I'm here to listen and support you on your journey.

Products recommendations for the cleanest and most organic products available for your home, personal care including supplements brands, skincare, and more, pets, and children. And/or can suggest recipes to make your own products.

Doctor recommendations. I am not a licensed health professional and only can direct you to certain medical professionals for your health needs. I can also help you search out medical professionals in your area.

Assist with advocacy and wording for support with chemical sensitivity from the people in your life. 

How to address chemical sensitivity with your workplace.

Call me at 509-823-9670 or email at to schedule an appointment.

I start at 30 minute calls and charge $50 for 30 minutes and $99 for an hour. You have the flexibility to talk as long as you desire for your call up to 3 hours in one session.

I send an invoice through PayPal or Venmo for a  $50 deposit to be paid in full before your appointment that will be deducted from your final invoice. Failure to pay the $50 will result in your appointment being cancelled.

Check out my Youtube Channel "Jupiter Ascending" for free resources on product recommendations and follow my journey!

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