I offer holistic healing methods for you or your pet. Wellness advising can be for anything going on in your life and I specialize in holistic healing for health issues which can be linked to other problems occurring. During a wellness advising session, I use a variety of spiritual methods for your healing (reiki energy healing, tarot & oracle card readings, Kangen Water, herbal remedies, holistic lifestyle changes, & I can direct you to my network of other spiritual healers for your needs if more than just my services are needed for your healing).

A Wellness Advising session consists of a 1-hour Zoom session. The cost is all inclusive including any handmade organic or wild ethically harvested herbal remedies made special for you.The cost is in USD and the time zone is US Pacific Standard Time. I book appointments between 9AM - 7PM US Pacific Standard Time but if you're from a country with a time zone that doesn't fall between 9AM - 7PM US PST please contact me and we will figure something out!

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any claims regarding these services and has not been tested for safety and effectiveness. These services are not to be used as a medical treatment if you are injured or ill. Please seek medical treatment if you are injured or ill from a licensed medical doctor. These treatments are a great complement to traditional medical treatments for yourself.