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Shipping Information

  • Shipping Policy

    • I work as quickly as possible to fulfill orders as a one woman business and you can expect your oder in about a week from oder placement depending on what method you chose for shipping.

    • I try to get the product to you as fresh as possible.

    • Most of the items for sale are made to order.

    • Due to the personal nature of the products offered, we do not offer returns.

    • Items are shipped with USPS or UPS nationally or worldwide!

    • I use reuse cardboard shipping boxes as much as possible or use paper shipping envelopes and either slightly used or new packing paper.

    • If the box is heavy, it is typically shipped through USPS Priority Mail.

    • If the order can go through USPS First Class, I will ship it through First Class.

    • I try to make shipping as affordable as possible and only charge what it costs to ship, a little for packing materials, and I like to mark the package as fragile.

    • There is always a Delivery Confirmation on your package so you can follow it online.

Disclaimer: Per FDA regulations, items sold on this website are curios only and offered solely for entertainment purposes. I do not guarantee that any of the items sold on this website provide any specific abilities or results. Boundless Love Holistic Wellness LLC and it's owner are not liable for any harm, loses, and damages resulting from the use or misuse of any products sold from Boundless Love Holistic Wellness LLC. Purchasing my product signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases me from all liability.

These services are not to be used as the sole medical treatment if you or your pet is injured or ill. Please seek medical treatment for yourself if you are injured or ill from a licensed medical doctor. These services are a great complement to traditional medical treatments for yourself.

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