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Gate 45 - Gathering Together

Change is always whispered on the air as everything is constantly shifting - expanding and contracting. There may be a sense of loneliness coming up for some, for me there has been. A sense of searching for community with shared values and morals. I have never felt like I belonged in any group, the butterfly that flits from group to group never belonging to one even when I really tried (and I certainly have done my fair share).

People pleasing to belong never works out. I can pretty much say that with certainty. We may feel we belong while pleasing others to fit in, not living in our authenticity and autonomy can eat us alive whether we realize it or not for some time. I know it has for me. Big time.

Over the course of still searching for community, I have come to terms that I may never find it because I have been a part of it all along. Myself -> Humanity.

While humans have been primarily social creatures and codependent on each for survival, belonging to only one group in this large interconnected world is a different dynamic at play than the past. This is possible to make happen but there may be a sense of thriving being a part of multiple different types of groups with shared interests such as playing tennis with a tennis club or kayaking with a regular group. We are all multifaceted beings with a variety of interests and thus communities.

What may be helpful in finding community can include not only attending events and clubs of interest but searching for ones that give back to their community. Supporting each other and those outside of the group really can provide a sense of purpose in giving - giving with the intention that I am abundant and I just want to give. Not to people please and look good to others.

Intention is the secret sauce behind a lot of success in life. Why are you considering joining this group? Is the relationship with this group conditional (i.e. paying large sums to join and/or stay a member)?

I love groups where there is constant learning involved. I am a lifetime student as I believe we all are in different ways. Learning is the spice of life that helps keep things interesting! We are students of Earth, here to learn as we experience and try new things.

I write my posts based on the daily Human Design gate transit that is occurring astrologically for the day.

Check out the link for more info on Human Design!

Much Love,

Janine Swiney

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