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Gate 35 - The Gate of Change

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

I write my posts based on the daily Human Design gate transit that is occurring astrologically for the day.

Check out the link for more info on Human Design!

We step into the full moon June 3rd but it has already begun June 1st according to astrologers and channeled messengers I follow. I don’t know what everyone else has been going through but I have been feeling ungrounded and not in my body as much these last couple days. To compensate, there have been many trips to my backyard and hours in the sun since working through an infection that has zapped a lot of energy.

I believe what I’ve been feeling is more intense contraction and expansion recently on my healing journey. As I move from contraction to a phase of expansion. Ideas of creativity have been flowing easier after years of stagnancy on how to move forward out of the cage I created for myself. This cage is gilded gold and cushy - comfortable in ways I feel very grateful about. If I wasn’t born in this comfy cage, I would’ve probably passed away early in life from health symptoms. However, cages typically confine and feel stagnating at some point in life because they are safe!

This occurred about 5.5 years ago when my spiritual awakening happened but for about 2 years I had no idea what was happening let alone what spirituality is! Wow thought I was literally needing to be sent to a psych ward as the thoughts were very disturbing and I never thought that way before the awakening. Nor have I ever wanted to think those thoughts and realized how this isn’t me. Not my truth! Whatever thoughts these are that I observe, I know there is something I am tapped into that isn’t my heart. I bring this up because going through this process pushed me to expand and slowly break down this cage I built over my life.

I’m working on expressing my voice in new creative ways such as this blog! Find and explore what fuels your creativity even if it takes years to find those things like me! Those are your outlets to alchemize the tough emotions in your heart and body. Gradually pushing against the bars of your cage. Don’t settle on painting the walls of your cage a pretty color and pretend that everything is okay! I paraphrase one of the teachings from a Teal Swan video. I listen to and read books of many different spiritual people and take what resonates from their teachings. This resonated a lot!

Although it is a balance between feeling unhappy with where you are at in your life and working towards your new life, I sometimes forget - rattling the bars of my cage and screaming. Breaking out will happen in the right time as long as I continue to take steps to make changes that align with my heart. The Sagittarius in me doesn’t love to hear that! Ha! Laughing at myself right now! I’m reminded that the seeds are sown and will continue to sprout, blooming in my time of expansion.

Continue to speak your truth whether it be healthy boundaries, voicing your raw opinion when people ask (except when your intention is to hurt with your words), and creatively expressing through truth in something like art, writing, etc. Create new ways to express your truth beyond what is suggested. It’s one of the ways I stay sane when the bars of my cage are feeling suffocating. Getting outside helps a lot too or even having live plants in your room to invite in the spirits of mother nature.

What you choose is up to your creative genius! As long as you remember everything is temporary when that cage feels suffocating and you’re working on your way out. Find what you can do that is enjoyable and take one step at a time. I don’t prefer when people talk about taking one step forward even if you take a step or two back.

I love what Brandy reminded me - that nothing is linear and we are all on a cyclical path that contracts and expands. Those steps are never backwards, those patterns are returning in a cycle to make different choices this time around. This may happen a number of times while healing wounds, as frustrating as it is, there are layers to these wounds to heal and learn something new this time around.

Much love,

Janine Swiney

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