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Spiritual Healing Sessions

Healing sessions can be for anything going on in your life causing desire for any form of healing. I specialize in holistic healing for health and/or behaviors that may not be serving the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Available for animals, plants, and people.

I am available for traveling to people's homes for animal and plant in-person sessions only in Washington and Oregon state and B.C. and Alberta Canada unless we have an animal and/or plant session scheduled and you desire to do one too. If there is a desire for me to travel to you in any other states, please let me know as I may be in your area at some point traveling through and maybe we could work something out.


During a session, I use intuitively assess which methods to use for your healing. I may use any mixture of these methods:

  • Magnet therapy: Releasing trapped emotions causing any type of mental, emotional, spiritual, and/or physical pain and discomfort and/or behavior patterns that may not be serving you using the methods of the The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson, 

  • Usui, Kaun Yin, Holy Fire, and/or Angelic Reiki energy healing,

  • Pull tarot & oracle cards,

  • Suggest herbal remedies,

  • Suggest holistic lifestyle changes

  • I can also direct you to my network of other spiritual healers for your needs if more than just my services are needed for your healing.


Offering 30-.60-. or 90-minutes Zoom, Phone, or In-Person Sessions

The cost is in USD.

30-minutes is $55

60-minutes is $99

90-minutes is $122


The cost is all inclusive including any handmade organic or wild ethically harvested herbal remedies made special for you. 


The time zone is U.S. Pacific Standard Time.


Available for sessions between 10AM - 8PM US Pacific Standard Time. I'm also available for sessions outside of normal business hours if located outside of the U.S. or have special circumstances.


Please contact me and we will figure something out!

My online scheduler should be working but if it isn't working currently so call, text, or email.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any claims regarding these services and has not been tested for safety and effectiveness. These services are not to be used as a medical treatment if you are injured or ill. Please seek medical treatment if you are injured or ill from a licensed medical doctor. These treatments are a great complement to traditional medical treatments for yourself.

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